Original thoughts and original stories
about golf in the Deep South.


Lying Four is a collection of stories about golf in the Deep South. It’s not wall-to-wall pro golf coverage, although pro golf figures in. It’s not thrice-daily clickbait, although some articles are shorter than others. It’s the course across town, or the guy on the other end of the driving range. Lying Four is the stories of the places that golf takes us and the people that we meet on the way, as seen from below the Mason-Dixon Line.



Original stories about places, people,
and their lives in golf.



A search through the Deep South and beyond for a more perfect four hours, all for around 50 bucks.

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Names you ought to know,
and why you ought to know them.



Because diamonds in the rough are nice,
but sometimes you just want the diamond.

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The players at the top of the mountain,
as seen from the valley.


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